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Southern Tier Sports Report
It was a strong showing for local athletes at the Section IV Classic at Cortland.

Horseheads’ Bradock Salisbury was second in the 55 meters in 6.66 with Elmira’s Benjamin Rhode fifth (6.77) followed by teammate DJ Copper (6.780 and Horseheads’ Chase Luangsuwan (6.79) and Finn Scanlon Shaw (6.79), who both tied for seventh.

Horseheads’ Ryan Anderson won the 300 in 36.90 and Elmira’s Ta’hjay Molina-Bacone finished seventh in 38.78. Elmira’s Braxton Houghtelling was 11th in 39.46 while Ismael Nya Louhaich was 17th at 39.89.

Samir Gulati of Horseheads was second in the 600 in 1:29.12 while teammate Matt Mucci was sixth at 1:32.98. Elmira’s John Calabrese was 20th at 1:41.41.

Horseheads’ Nathan Zhou was seventh in the 1000 in 2:55.06 while teammate Logan Hornsby was 14th in 3:05.80. Antonio Campanella of Notre Dame was 17th in 3:09 and Elmira’s Duane Nichols was 20th in 3:09.78.

Notre Dame’s Gavin Meier was 18th in the 1600 in 5:24.89.

Luke Dordoni of Horseheads was seventh in the 3200 in 11:13.28 and Hunter Lewis was 12th in 11:33.98.

Carlo Cipolla of Horseheads won the 55 hurdles in 8.39 with teammate Nolan Cruise seventh at 8.90 followed by Elmira’s Jiven Mann in 8.93.

Marco Cipolla of Horseheads was 16th in the long jump at 16-feet, 10 1/2-inches and Elmira’s Chase Smith was fourth in the triple jump at 38-feet, 4 3/4-inches.

Calvin Cradle of Horseheas was seventh in the shot put at 35-feet, 6 1/4-inches.

In the girls’ 55 meters Elmira’s Piper Hooey took ninth in 8.02 and Horseheads’ Allyson Perry was 17th in 8.34.

Emma Guzylak of Horseheads was sixth in the 300 in 46.52 while teammate Sophia Shutter was 12th in 47.44. Notre Dame’s Caroline Horton was 12th in 49.10.

Notre Dame’s Lylie Colunio was 11th in the 600 in 1:58.92 and Horseheads’ Cecilia Cowen was ninth in the 1000 in 3:27.26 and Horton was 19th in 3:52.57.

Mackenzie Baker of Horseheads was third in the `500 in 5:19.34 and Elmira’s Madelyn Wise was 11th in 5:51.48.

Baker won the 3000 in 11:12.51. Makenna Keough of Notre Dame won the 55 hurdles in 8.92 with Elmira’s Zalayna Brown seventh in 9.48. Stella Harrison of Horseheads was 18th in 11.12 followed by teammate Sophie Shutter (11.16) and Isabella Mashewske of Notre Dame (11.20).

Mashewske was 11th in the high jump at 4-feet, 3-inches and Hooey was fourth in the long jump at 14-feet, 11 3/4-inches. Guzylak was 15th at 12-feet, 11-inches.

Keough was their din the triple jump at 35-feet, 1/2-inch and Isabella Rivera of Horseheads was second in the shot put at 32-feet, 4 1/4-inches while Elmira’s Verneece Sumner was 15th at 23-feet.

Stella Harrison was fourth in the 1500 race walk in 9:03.16.

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