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Southern Tier Sports Report
WATKINS GLEN — The Horseheads boys’ swimming and diving team won their third straight sectional title on Saturday, topping runner-up Corning by 41 points.

Horseheads had a team score of 500 and Corning shot 451. U-E was at 317, followed by Vestal (240), Ithaca (210), Elmira (155) and Binghamton (110).

In the 200 medley relay Horseheads won in 1:41.27 with a team of James Fedele, Thai Tran, Shoonfon Lilli and Kiran Gulati. Corning’s team of Ethan Yarnell, Shawn De Pedro, Alex Peng and Mark Hong took third in 1:47.18 and Elmira’s team of Jan Mayoros, Michael Taylor, Cooper Taft and Creed Hackett finished fifth in 1:50.91.

In the 200 free Joey Crisco of Corning was third in 1:53.37 followed by Horseheads’ Devin Sullivan (1:53.51) and Kegan Monahan (1:53.52). Jack Casper of Corning was seventh in 2:03.06 followed by teammate Aidan Clark (2:05.23).

Kegan Kent of Horseheads won the B final in 2:03.26, finishing ninth overall, and Corning’s Mark Sierzant was 11th in 2:06.97. Mayoros was 13th in 2:08.74.

Li won the 200 IM in a state-cut time of 1:55.33. De Pedro was third in 2:11.49 followed by Fedele in 2:13.05 and Corning’s Derek Guo in 2:17.39. Louie Ferratella of Corning was eighth in 2:26.93.

Liam Kane of Horseheads was ninth, winning the B final, in 2:25.29 followed by Horseheads’ MJ Carro (2:30.01) and Corning’s Winston Wu (2:31.51). Elmira’s Charlie Murphy was 15th in 2:47.88.

Kaden TenEyck won the 50 free in a state-cut time of 22.02 and Corning’s Marvin Reimsnyder was third in 22.43 followed by teammate Jameson Sierzant in 23.21. Corning’s Hong was seventh in 23.99 followed by teammate Liam Gill in 24.05.

Horseheads ‘Kiran Gulati was ninth, to win the B final, in 24.24 followed by teammate Aleksander Davis in 24.33. Drake Ernst of Horseheads was 12th in 24.60 followed by Taft in 24.69. Jameson Rollins of Elmira was 15th in 25.94.

Reimsnyder was second in the 100 fly in 55.21 and Thai Tran was fourth in 58.59. Thang Tran was fifth in 58.74 and Ernst was sixth in 59.07. Ferratella was eighth in 1:01.60.

John McKane of Corning was 11th in 1:10.40 with Taylor 15th in 1:13.40.

TenEyck won the 100 free in a state-cut time of 49.48 with Jameson Sierzant of Corning third in 50.72. Gulati was fifth in 51.36 followed by Taft (53.27), Gill (53.60) and Peng (54.23).

Davis was ninth, to win the B final, in 53.61 with Kegan Kent 12th in 56.32. Mark Sierzant was 13th in 57.52.

Crisco was third in the 500 free in 5:10.71 followed by Monahan in 5:13.96. Sullivan was fifth in 5:22.06 followed by Casper in 5:31.71. Aaron Giardina of Corning was eighth in 5:46.20 and Carro was 10th in 5:48.24. Kaeden Martinez of Corning was 14th in 6:08.78.

Horseheads team of TenEyck, Gulati, Li and Sullivan won the 200 free relay in 1:30.26. Elmira’s Hackett, Rollins, Taft and Mayoros took fourth in 1:38.18. Horseheads team had the fastest time of all three classes to make states.

Fedele was second in the 100 back in 55.96 with Clark fourth in 1:00.46 and Peng sixth in 1:00.58 followed by Thang Tran in 1:01.40. Yarnell was eighth in 1:03.22.

Avi Patel of Horseheads was ninth, to win the B final, in 1:03.66 followed by Mayoros in 1:04.67. McKane was 13th in 1:07.64 and Joseph Wood of Horseheads was 15th in 1:11.22.

Li won the 100 breaststroke in a state cut time of 58.89 and Thai Tran was second in 1:03.08.

De Pedro was fourth in 1:04.06 with Guo sixth in 1:08.40 and Hong eighth in 1:10.90. Kane was ninth, to win the B final, in 1:11.26 followed by Taylor in 1:11.28.

Horseheads won the 400 free relay in 3:23.23 with a team of Fedele, Sullivan, Monahan and TenEyck and Corning was net with a team of Jameson Sierzant, Reimsnyder, Crisco and De Pedro in 3:24.52. Elmira’s Murphy, Wyatt Moss, Rollins and Taylor took sixth in 4:08.10.

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