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Southern Tier Sports Report
CORTLAND — The Corning boys and girls each won titles at the Section IV Class Championships A/B over the weekend.

For the girls Corning had a Toal of 203.5. Binghamton was second at 67.5. Horseheads took fourth at 55 and Elmira was eighth at 25.

For the boys Corning had 169.5 with Ithaca second at 85, followed by Horseheads (75), Norwich (61) and Elmira (30).

In the girls 55 meters Corning’s Mattisen Johnston was second in 7.62 with Corning’s Victoria Holmes fifth in 7.86 followed by Elmira’s Piper Hooey in 8.01.

In the boys 55 meters Bradock Salisbury of Horseheads won in 6.62 followed by Corning’s Zuri Ruffin (6.65) and Chase Luangsuwan of Horseheads (6.71). Elmira’s Benjamin Rhode was fifth in 6.75 while teammate DJ Coprew was seventh at 6.85. Corning’s Logan Durand was ninth at 6.87.

In the girls’ 3000 Sarah Lawson of Corning won in 9:55.43 while teammate Lauren Roche was fourth at 11:23.79 followed by Olivia Martinec in 11:30.38.

Corning’s Sebastian Boutwell was third in the 3200 in 10:08.19 while teammate Charles Warner was fifth in 10:27.89 followed by teammate Nicholas Feerratella (10:29.42) and Nicholas Kowal of Horseheads (10:43.31). Finn Van Busirk of Horseheads was 11th at 12:24.47.

In the girls’ 1000 Ella Grinnell won in 3:11.24 followed by teammate Sadie Beres (3:11.64). Elmira’s Ella Devlin was fifth in 3:16.69 and Cecilia Cowen of Horseheads was sixth in 3:32.10 followed by teammate Suzanne Sydlansky at 3:38.85. Elmira’s Mariah Faucett was 13th at 3:54.84.

Corning’s DJ Cornfield won the 1000 in 2:37.71 with teammate Gregory Homa fourth at 2:45.15. Horseheads’ Hunter Lewis was 11th in 3:04.19 followed by teammate Jack Sydlansky in 3:04.91. Elmira’s Duane Nichols was14th in 3:08.51 and Kyle Westevelt of Elmira was 17th at 3:33.20.

In the girls’ 600 meters Leila Ianovici of Corning was second in 1:43.04 followed by teammate Faith Tubbs (1:43.45), Horseheads’ Alexus Borek (1:46.92) and Kyra Gross of Corning (1:48.62). Devlin was eighth at 1:55.92 and Elmira’s Hailey Greene was 15th at 2:04.89 followed by Alanna Stillman of Horseheads at 2:14.58.

Jaxyn Mahoney of Corning won the boys’ 600 in Mahoney in 1:27.20 followed by Horseheads’ Samir Gulati (1:27.93). Horseheads’ Matt Mucci was fourth in 1:30.28 and Corning’s Ethan Jiang was seventh in 1:33.51 followed by Elmira’s Brayxton Houhgtelling in 1:36.46. Elmira’s Javare Allen was 10th in 1:43.26.

In the 55 hurdles Corning’s Dylan Rose was second in 8.33 followed by Horseheads’ Carlo Cipolla in 8.53. Corning’s Jacob Hufnagel was fifth in 8.99 followed by Elmira’s Jiven Mann in 9.14 followed by Corning’s Marshall Allen (9.17) and Nolan Cruise of Horseheads (9.19).

Cella McLaughlin won the girls 55 hurdles in 8.75 with teammate Johnston third in 9.45 followed by teammate Shyanne Roney (9.47) and Elmira’s Zalayna Brown (9.72).

Lawson was second in the 1500 meters in 4:59.19 followed by teammates Beres (5:08.40) and Olivia Murch (5:10.55). Elmira’s Madelyn Wise was eighth in 5:38.36. Horseheads’ Suzanne Sydlansky was 11th in 5:54.21 and Tabitha Oakes of Horseheads was 14th in 6:38.02.

Cornfield was second in the boys’ 1600 in 4:40.44 and teammate Homa was fourth in 4:49.17. Teammate Aidan Kahabka was eighth in 5:01.36 followed by Horseheads’ Nathan Zhou in 5:17.86 and Ayden Coleman of Elmira in 5:38.29. Elmira’s Wally Ferriter was 15th in 6:30.17.

McLaughlin won the girls’ 300 in 44.07 followed by Borek (44.68). Corning’s Ianovici was seventh in 46.62 followed by Horseheads’ Erica Bancroft in 47.38. Elmira’s Sarah Miller was 15th in 56.00 and Elmira’s Cheyenne Faucett was 18th in 1:12.74.

Corning won the girls’ 1600 relay in 4:30.01 and Horseheads was third in 4:50.69. Horseheads was fifth in the boys’ 1600 relay in 3:49.83 followed by Elmira in 4:02.02.

Corning won the girls’ 3200 relay in 10:27.35 and Horseheads was second in the boys’ 3200 relay in 9:51.30 followed by Elmira in 10:12.44. In the girls’ 4x200 relay Corning was second in 1:56.43 followed by Horseheads in 1:59.37.

Horseheads won the boys’ 4x200 relay in 1:35.51 followed by Elmira in 1:39.40 and Corning in 1:39.80.

Nathaniel Jennings won the boys’ pole vault at 13-feet, 11-inches followed by teammates Alex Kolpien was second at 12-feet followed by teammate Ethan Wentzel at 11-feet, 6-inches.

In the girls’ pole vault Corning’s Emma Mase was fourth at 7-feet and in the girls’ high jump Roney won at 4-feet, 9-inches followed by teammate Maddie Sweet (4-feet, 7-inches). Corning’s Gwen Zimmerman was tied for sixth at 4-feet, 3-inches.

Rose was second in the high jump at 5-feet, 10-inches followed by Allen at 5-feet, 3-inches. Jayden Moore of Corning was tied for sixth at 5-feet and in the boys’ shot put Corning’s Logan Mullaney was second at 37-feet, 3 1/2-inches with teammate Adam Thomas fourth at 34-feet, 4 1/2-inches. Horseheads’ Calvin Cradle was sixth at 32-feet, 6 3/4-inches and Elmira’s Jade Negron-Silva was 10th at 24-feet, 6 3/4-inches.

In the girls shot put Horseheads’ Isabella Rivera was second at 32-feet, 1 3/4-inches followed by Corning’s Samantha Harvey (30-feet, 6 1/2-inches) and Sophia Cimo (29-feet, 5-inches). Elmira’s Verneece Sumner was eighth at 27-feet, 7 1/4-inches with teammate Alana Brink 10th at 20-feet, 8 3/4-inches.

In the girls’ long jump McLaughlin was second at 17-feet, 3 3/4-inches followed by Elmira’s Hooey (16-feet, 7 1/4-inches), Brown (16-feet, 3 1/2-inches) and Johnston of Corning (15-feet, 11 3/4-inches). Horseheads’ Emma Guzylak was 12th at 13-feet, 2-inches followed by Olivia Hornsby of Horseheads at 13-feet, 1/4-inches.

Zuri Ruffin was second in the long jump for the boys at 20-feet, 6 3/4-inches with teammate Reilly Wells tied for third at 20-feet, 2 1/2-inches. Corning’s Dexter Badger was eighth at 18-feet, 5-inches and Elmira’s Chase Smith was 10th at 17-feet, 9-inches. Noah Rangstrom of Horseheads was 12th at 17-feet, 7 1/4-inches.

Smith was second in the triple jump at 39-feet, 5-inched followed by Hufnagel at 39-feet, 1 1/2-inches. Corning’s Adrian Blouin was 10th at 35-feet.

McLaughlin won the girls triple jump at 35-feet, 3 3/4inches with Borek third at 32-feet, 8 1/4-inches and Corning’s Amanda McEwen next at 31-feet, 8 3/4-inches followed by Bancroft at 30-feet, 5 1/2-inches.

Ruffin won the boys’ 300 in 36.96 followed by Horseheads’ Ryan Anderson in 37.03. Elmira’s Ta’hjay Molina-Bacome was fifth in 38.66 followed by Corning’s Wyatt McDonald (38.68) and Coprew (38.71). Horseheads’ Carlo Cipolla was 10th at 41.11.

Taylor Farrell won the girls’ 1500 race walk in 7:00.65 followed by teammates Sofia Scouten (7:36.40) and Madeline Kirk (8:59.35), Horseheads’ Stella Harrison (9:25.27) and Taylor Degnan of Elmira (9:40.92).

In the boys’ weight throw Corning’s Freddie Collins was second at 45-feet, 11-inches followed by Mullaney (41-feet, 3 1/2-inches), Drue Welty of Horseheads at 33-feet, 6 1/2-inches and Jadiel Negron-Silva of Elmira at 24-feet, 1-inches.

In the girls’ weight throw Cimo was second at 44-feet, 5 1/2-inches followed by Harvey (41-feet, 11 1/4-inches), Rivera (40-feet, 5 1/2-inches) and Madelane Reynolds of Corning fifth at 37-feet, 2 1/4-inches with Sumner eighth at 26-feet, 3/4-inches and Brink 10th at 17-feet, 5 1/4-inches.

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