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By Brian Fees
Southern Tier Sports Report
ELMIRA — It might have been an all-star game, but when things got tight late the players shifted into just win mode.

The blue team made a furious rally late, coming back from 10 down with under three to go, but the orange team outscored the blue 6-0 in overtime to win 115-109 in the Second Annual BCANY Section 4 Boys’ all-star game at Elmira College.

“We wanted to win,” Owego’s John Bangel said. “It was very fun, I love the tight games.”

A high scoring, close game was something the players all loved.

“It’s when it’s most fun, tight game and high scoring,” Joe Bangel said.

The players knew late they had to get going.

“We knew it was go time then,” Elmira’s Anthony Kitching said. “We knew coming in it was time to show up.”

In overtime no one scored in the first minute, and after the blue team missed a shot, Larry Morse of Union-Endicott scored to give Orange the lead, then he scored again to push the lead to four. John Bangel threw down a big dunk in the final seconds to seal the win.

“It’s go time, that’s when you get ice water in your veins,” Morse said of overtime.

Johnson City’s Qsan Tucker knew that Orange would come out on top.

“I knew I was going to win when I was in Johnson City,” he said. “I was home and I already knew we were going to win.”

Morse had 19 points for the Orange team, four in overtime and 11 in the fourth quarter. Johnson City’s Zubayr Griffen led the Orange team with 21 points, including three threes.

It was a fun experience for all the players.

“All these guys are friend sand family around here,” John Bangel said. “We love it.”

“We love the electric feeling, we love playing the game,” Joe Bangel said.

Elmira’s Chris Woodard had 14 points, eight in the fourth and 13 in the second half, including a big three down the stretch.

“It was a great experience, a lot of fun,” he said.

Mekai Lindsey of Union-Endicott had 15 points, with three threes, as the Orange team hit 13 threes in the game.

Cullen Green of Maine-Endwell had eight points and Nick Lang of U-E also had eight points.

Aidan Fenkl of Maine-Endwell had seven points and Kitching, Tucker and Trevor Warpus of Chenango Forks had six points each.

Joe Bangel had four points and John Bangel had three points in the game.

The blue team hit 17 threes in the loss.

“It was really fun,” Corning’s Jackson Casey said. “Since I’m used to playing against a lot of these guys, so to be able to share the ball and share the court with them it was a fun experience.”

Jeremy Truax of Horseheads led the blue team with 17 points. For Casey it was fun teaming up with players like Jeremy and Amauri Truax, who Casey squared off with often in his career, instead of having them defend him.

“One, they are really good defenders,” Casey said. “But, two, they can score the ball really well, so for them to surround me is fun.”

The brothers also liked teaming up with Casey.

“He sees me every time, it’s really nice having him as a point guard,” Amauri Truax said.

For the players the experience was something they liked.

“It was really fun,” Jeremy Truax said.

“It was really fun, it’s going to be my last high school game,” Horseheads senior Amauri Truax said.

Luke Little of Ithaca had 16 points and Conor Holland of Marathon had 14 points, with four threes.

Tioga’s Evan Sickler had 13 points, with three threes.

“It was definitely fun, nothing like Tioga,” Sickler said of playing with and against kids from schools of all sizes in Section 4. “It was good competition.”

Casey had 11 points and Amauri Truax and William Holmes of Ithaca each had nine points.

For Amauri Truax playing another game with his brother, a junior at Horseheads, was fun.

“Special moment,” he said.

Logan Booker of Corning, Justin Yearwood of Ithaca and Andrew Erickson of Seton Catholic all had eight points.

For Booker it was fun getting another game with Casey.

“Great feeling, him always sharing the ball and looking out for his teammates,” Booker said.

And, Jackson loved getting another game with Booker.

“I love him like a brother, one last dance,” Casey said.

Luke Kariam of Susquehanna Valley had two points for the blue team.
IN TOP PHOTO: Elmira’s Chris Woodard puts up a shot in the BCANY Section IV all-star game. . . PHOTOS BY BRIAN FEES.

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