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By Brian Fees
Southern Tier Sports Report
The third quarter began and it was Jeremy hitting a three, and then scoring on the next Horseheads possession against Corning.

One possession later it was Amauri cutting through the lane and finding the bottom of the net.

Few teams in Section 4 have a better scoring duo, a duo who are both brother as Amauri and Jeremy Truax have helped Horseheads get off to an unbeaten start to the season.

Back and forth the brothers went, taking turns leading the Horseheads attack. When the night was over the two had combined for 46 points, both of them scoring at least 21 in the game.

In the first half alone the two brothers had 30 points for the Horseheads boys’ basketball team.

What makes the two brothers so special is not just their scoring ability, but also their work ethic.

“It’s a lot of fun to watch and I’m sure their parents have a fun time watching them to,” Horseheads coach Jeff Limoncelli said. “It’s great for them, but we still have a long ways to go and they’ve got to get better and they’ve got to clean some things up too. But, that’s how they are, they’ve got a good work ethic and they’ll get better by the end of the season.”

For the two brothers it is a lot of fun playing together.

“It’s a great feeling to play with my brother, side by side, it’s great,” Jeremy said.

For Amauri it’s a lot of fun, he only wishes they had even more time together. Amauri is a senior this year, while Jeremy is a junior.

“It’s so fun, I wish it could always be like this, it’s so special,” Amauri said.

A couple of years ago everything was tough for basketball players. When Covid hit gyms were closed, and players didn’t have a lot of chances to get work in. Kids had to often work out by themselves at home.

One thing that helped the Truax brothers was having each other, so the two of them could have another player to work out with.  

“We were rebounding for each other, working out together, it got us better” Amauri said.

The two have a strong chemistry on the floor, to the point where there are times where one of the siblings will throw a pass just expecting their teammate to be there.

“Sometimes, I just be looking and see him,” Amauri said.

There is definitely a little bit of a friendly rivalry between the two. They push each other, and try and make each other better.

“We always compete, but at the end of the day we stay united,” Jeremy said.

And, if one has a big game of course the other one wants to match that. But, they also just root each other on.

“Honestly, I tell him keep going,” Jeremy said. “That’s what I like to see, I love to see that (Amauri having a huge day).”

When the two brothers are on it’s tough for opposing teams to defend them both.

“You pick your poison, which one are you going to try and stop,” Limoncelli said. “WE’ve got to make sure we continue to get better and share the ball and make sure five guys are a threat on the floor, that makes us better.”

On Wednesday in a win over Corning the brothers both were in full attack mode leading the Blue Riaiders offense.

“We felt if we could just spread it out and have those guys just play,” Limoncelli said. “Get to the rim, we’d be better off. They responded very well.”

The two brothers just feed off each other on the court.

“Everything is energy, we feed off that,” Amauri said.

For Amauri as a senior he wants to make the most of this last year with his brother.

“Got to make the best out of it, it’s my last year,” he said.

Next year the Horseheads star plans to go to prep school, and then after that he wants to play collegiately.

“I’m excited, I just want to keep going, keep getting better, keep going,” he said.

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