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By Brian Fees
Southern Tier Sports Report
HARRISON, NJ — Before the game even began Molly and Madison Doran, Aaliyah Cady, Audrey McInerny and Elise Timmons started chanting Alex Morgan, Alex Morgan, Alex Morgan.

Sitting in the stands right behind the goal they saw Morgan take the field to earn her 200th career cap (appearance) for the United States National Team and those cheers started back up, Alex Morgan, Alex Morgan, Alex Morgan.

For members of the Soaring Capital soccer teams Sunday was a chance to see their heroes on the field.

The fact that the U.S. women had lost three in a row for the first time in any of the girls’ lifetimes didn’t matter.

What mattered was they were watching the players that inspire them on the field. And, perhaps those Alex Morgan chants, and the cheers of the girls who may one day be the future of women’s soccer inspired this year’s national team as they rallied to beat Germany 2-1 in a Friendly at Red Bulls Stadium.

For the girls the day started Sunday morning as they loaded up on a bus in Corning, ready to make the long drive too Harrison, New Jersey for the game.

The girls were adorned in red, white and blue soccer jerseys as they got on the bus.

There was Megan Rapinoe jerseys, a Becky Sauerbrunn jersey, and No. 13 Alex Morgan jerseys in red, white and blue.

There were USA hats and jackets, to match the red Soaring Capital jackets and jerseys.

The drive to New Jersey was a bundle of excitement for the girls, who talked to their friends, and painted their faces as they got ready to watch their heroes.

There was plenty of energy on the bus for kids on a Sunday when many kids are just relaxing, getting ready for another week of school.

The girls all said the bus ride was long, but that didn’t dim the excitement of spending time with their friend.

“It was still a lot of fun,” Madison Doran said.

And, every one of the girls screamed in joy when thinking about how they got to enjoy the experience with their teammates.

While the girls all were thrilled to see their favorite players, the trip up there seemed to be just as special as the girls sat together, laughing, talking and thinking about the game they were about to see.

Most of the girls on the trip were from the u12, u11 and u10 Soaring Capital Storm. Lightening and Blaze teams. There were also some 06 Rebels girls on the trip.

Just talking about their excitement of seeing the game all the girls broke out into huge smiles.

“I’m really excited,” Molly Doran said.

“Overly excited,” Cady said.

“I’m so excited,” McInerny said.

The excitement level for the girls was something that couldn’t be contained by any scale.

“Literally like a million out of 10, I’m so excited to see them play,” Madison Doran said.

Before the game even started the girls got to meet legendary U.S. star Carli Lloyd as they got ready to watch the game.

What the girls got to witness once the national team took the field was a game they will never forget. Down 1-0 at the half the U.S. scored twice in six minutes in the second half in front of 26,317 fans.

Sophia Smith and Mallory Pugh scored for the U.S., with Smith, at 22, becoming the youngest player to lead the U.S. in scoring for a year since Mia Hamm in 1993.

And, Morgan earned her 200th career cap, becoming just the 13th American player to play that many games for the national team.

The Soaring Capitals girls held posters rooting on their favorite team and players, including one for Smith that was waving like crazy as Smith tied the game.

The Alex Morgan cheers lasted all game long, and there were cheers for all their other favorite players, and two of the girls even got to stand in front of the crowd on a platform and help lead the fans in a cheer.

As the game came to an end, none of the girls wanted to leave their seat. They sat, and they waited waving their posters and chanting USA.

The girls were rewarded for that support as members of the national team came over and waved a thank you to the girls.

The ride home was a chance for the girls to relax, unwind and get some sleep, but the smile never left any of their faces. After all, they just got a chance to cheer on their heroes to a big win.

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