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Southern Tier Sports Report
CORNING — The Elmira bowling team knew they faced a tough test against the Corning Hawks.

The Express were up to the task, with each of their bowlers shooting a 600-plus series as they beat Corning 4-1.

Corning was unbeaten on the year going in, and were 39-1 overall in terms of possible points this year.

“I am so proud of them,” Elmira coach Tim Crout said of his team. “Corning has an excellent team, I believe they were 39-1 going into this match. After losing the first game by 57 pints, we could have folded, but they remained focused and shot a 1,100 the second game, giving us momentum going into the third game, which was very crucial. They kept their focus and came through by shooting a 1,073 the third game.

“This is a huge win as Corning had beaten us 5-0 at Dixie. It will be a huge step moving forward to sectional play. Also hats off to Meghan Sturdevant from Corning, she shot a 279 the last game for Corning and honestly she deserved a 300, her 10 ball was perfect and left a solid 7 pin. Congrats to her, she also shot a 698 in which was high series for boys and girls.”

Nick Ravert led Corning with a 233-216-243-692, while Skylar Shaddock shot 215-215-225-655.

Alex Smith shot 214-203-209-626 and Joey Chilson Purvis shot 184-218-214-616 and Ty Bolt shot 181-248-182-611.

Aiden Kosinski led Corning with a 203-247-199-649 and Joseph Enderle shot 262-193-154-609.

Cameron Kennedy shot 200-205-189-599, while Matt Hoffman shot 230-179-177-586, while Zach Sturdevant shot 189-184-194-567.

In JV action Elmira had a full team, while Corning had three bowlers. Kory Hassen shot a 489 for Elmira with a high game of 183 and Nick Francisco shot a 478 with a high game of 199. Peyton Nelson shot 454 for Corning with a 162 high game.

The Elmira girls also beat Corning 4-1. Elmira shot games of 827, 901 and 826 for a 2,554. Corning shot 737, 799 and 854 for a 2,390.

Madison Smith led Elmira with a 221-197-165-583 and Ryan Oakes shot 145-205-162-512. Hayle Avery shot 156-186-156-498, while Bella Wood shot 146-181-166-493.

Abby Cunningham shot 159-132-291 for two games and Abby Hawk shot 177 for one game for Elmira.

Sturdevant shot a 698 for Corning with games of 215-204-279. Ella Perry shot 143-216-226-585 and Hanna Millhollen shot 160-145-138-443.

Jadyn O’Dell shot 131-143-105-379 while Zoe Harmer shot 88-91-106-258.
IN TOP PHOTO: Elmira’s Nick Ravert. . . PHOTOS BY BRIAN FEES

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